Bachelor students

Name            Year  Thesis title
Gerben Andringa 2019 Optimizing the bicycle path network around Utrecht
Rolien Hoslter 2019 Introducing a low emission zone
Jarco Vianen 2019 Influence of the Pilot Mobility Scheme on the intention to change modality
Luc Stappers 2019 Optimizing of reaction time determination and its influence on bicycle flow during queue discharge process at a signalized intersection
Rob Menken 2019 Counting the crowd at TU Delft library
Adwin de Bont 2018 Impact of automated vehicle lanes on highway traffic flow
Anton Mihalevschi 2018 The potential for switching modes
Timo Dijkstra 2018 Design solutions to increase frequency on the rail corridor Den Haag CS – Rotterdam Lombardijen
Mees Poppe 2018 Analysis of bicycle flow models at signalized intersections
Lars Heijenrath 2018 Comparing different methods of crowdedness calculation for cyclists at signalized intersections
Lara Witte 2018 Individual cyclist behavior- Characteristics of the steering angle from an individual cyclist in a controlled laboratory experiment
Eline Molier 2018 The Funnel of Amsterdam - Accessibility & Viability of “De Entree” in Amsterdam
Lise Andringa 2018 Accessibility and Viability of Rotterdam Central District - More priority to cyclists and pedestrians in the Delftseplein and the Conradstraat
Simone Hoskam 2017 The experience of safety of cyclists and pedestrians in a shared space
Timo Eijkelkamp 2017 Level of service in the shared space area for pedestrians and bicycles
Erik Scholten 2017 Bicycle safe Antwerp - A redevelopment of city centre streets through Dutch guidelines
Bart Guinée 2017 From A4 to a ten - Congestion analysis on the A4 between Hoogmade and Zoeterwoude-Dorp
Thijs van Gelderen 2017 Safety of speed-pedelecs on car lanes and bicycle paths
Don Nedd 2017 Shared space guidelines: Categorizing their environment and analyzing claims
Yida Tao 2017 Success factors in increasing a higher modal share of environmentally friendly transport modes
Theo Liu 2017 The evaluation of the pilot Breng Flex - An urban Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) service around Arnhem and Nijmegen
Thijs Bon 2017 Quantitative cyclist interaction behavior in bidirectional encounter
Martijn Heufke Kantelaar 2016 Lelystad Airport OV-Ontsluiting (In Dutch)
Ago den Heijer 2016 Stedelijke Ontwikkelings-barrière (In Dutch)
Martijn Stevens 2016 Schakel A16 – A4 – Ter verlichting A13 (In Dutch)
Joost Tegelberg 2016 Aansluiting dubbeldeks autosnelwegen (In Dutch)


Master students

Name            Year  Thesis title
Rishabh Mittal 2020 Sensing shared space using 3D stereo vision
Elise Zuurbier 2019 Understanding pedestrians’ perception of crowdedness at mass events
Paul van Erp 2015 Incorporating the information and uncertainties of loop-detector and floating car data in freeway traffic state estimation
Friso Scholten 2015 Short-term prediction tool for traffic control centers
Xiao Xiao 2015 Estimation of missing flow at junctions using control plan and floating car data
Min Zhi 2014 Application of the quantitative hierarchical model to coordinated ramp metering control


PhD students

Name            Year  Thesis title
Alexandra Gavriilidou 2019 Theory and microscopic modelling of cycling behaviour (expected)
Yu Han 2017 Fast model predictive control approaches for road traffic control